Rental Protection Insurance

We guarantee your peace of mind to lease any type of property: either homes or premises and businesses. With this insurance, in addition to perceiving the rental fees even if the tenant fails to make a payment, you will have cover over any type of damage that may occur to your leased property.

From Segurgent we will pay the rent from the first month of default, as well as take care of the eviction process so you can re-lease your property again.

With the rental protection insurance we take responsibility for processing all claims due to breach of renovation contracts or services or when you do not agree with the compensation that the other insurance company offers.


Coverage and Services

Legal Advice:

  • Distance Legal advice
  • Assistance in managing legal documents

Defence of the insured:

  • Criminal defence
  • Subsidiary Third party liability defence

Conflict resolution:

  • Eviction action to recover possession and claim of unpaid rentals
  • Defence and claim of derived rights under the lease contract different to those of eviction and claim of unpaid rentals
  • Conficts related to the ownership of the real estate insured

Claims for damages and rights:

  • Consumer rights
  • Claims for breach of other insurance companies
  • Claim of non-contractual damages
  • Compensation for unpaid rent
  • Compensation for damage to the structure of a building from vandalism


We invite you to try our rental protection calculator.

If you want to obtain more information on the rental protection insurance, you can fill out the form and we will contact you.


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