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Whether you are going to retire soon or in the future. Why don´t you do it with a standard of living that allows you to enjoy and not suffer, those years of deserved leisure?

The pension plans we are proposing, offer the guarantee that they are perfectly adapted to the requirements of the Law on Pension Plans and Funds, and have the best tax treatment in accordance with the law:

The contributions are deductible from the taxable income tax provided under the limits established by law.

For the Pension Plans, you can choose what periodic contribution suits you best. You can vary it or make extraordinary contributions (within legally established limits). Or temporarily suspend your payments. With total freedom.

When the time comes for your retirement, you can choose between a life-long pension plan, the total perception of the capital or mixed capital-income formula. Each quarter, the plan member receives information with the movements of their Pension Plan, the number of shares and the Accrued Benefits value. Annually, the Company submits a statement of the contributions made for the purposes of the deduction in the Tax Declaration, as well as benefits paid in, your case.
It is a fully flexible savings product, with exclusive maximum tax advantages and, in the case of retirement it allows you to maintain your current purchasing power, serving as a complement to your Social Security retirement pension.

Regardless of the above, you can always recover your savings, in form of capital, income or a combination of both with a single payment in form of capital by pension plan when any of the contingencies covered by the Plan occur:

  • Retirement
  • Permanent or total disability
  • Death


As exceptional basis, you can have all of your capital in the following cases:

Serious illness of the plan member or their spouse, or any of the ascendants or descendants of the first degree or person under guardianship or foster care, living with the plan member and who depends on him/her.

Long-term unemployment, understood as the legal situation of unemployment of the plan member during a continuous period of at least twelve months and does not receive any contributory pension.

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