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At Segurgent 2000 Insurance Brokers S.L. we have the most comprehensive and advanced Home Insurance on the market, and with the most competitive prices. Forthe assets you insure we will consider the replacement value as new, without any deduction or depreciation for age, use or state of conservation. Furthermore, our assistance guarantee enables you to be connected 24 hours a day with the best network of professionals that may be needed for any household accident. A new lifestyle requires a new product.

Coverage and Services:

Material Damage Coverage:

  • Fire and smoke damage.
  • Lightning.
  • Explosion and implosion.
  • Wind, rain, hail and snow.
  • Collision of vehicles.
  • Vandalism.
  • Extraordinary risks.
  • Leaks and breaks of water pipes.
  • Detection and repair of faults and malfunctions.
  • Failure to close taps and loss of keys.
  • Breakage of sanitary equipment.
  • Breakage of glass windows and mirrors.

Theft Coverage:

  • Theft of furniture.
  • Theft of money and jewellery.
  • Damages caused by theft.
  • Robbery.

Coverage of Aesthetic damages:

  • Aesthetic Damages: home and furniture.

Special Coverage Services:

  • Cost of debris removal.
  • Uninhabitable home.
  • Document renewal.
  • Displaced furniture.

Additional Collateral:

  • Mugging.
  • Electrical damage.
  • Deterioration of frozen foods.
  • Floods.
  • Breakage of methacrylate furniture.
  • Breakage of glass-ceramic hob.
  • Breakage of countertops and marble or stone tables.
  • Replacement of locks.
  • Fraudulent use of credit cards and checks.

Other coverage:

  • Legal Defence.
  • Third Party Liability.

Home Assistance:

  • Urgent Services.
  • Family Assistance.
  • Home repair.
  • Information about your pet.

Travel Assistance:

  • Illness or accident abroad.
  • Location and rescue services.
  • Early return of luggage.
  • Lost or stolen luggage.
  • Delivery of medicines, funds and messages.


Insurance for your community: A community of neighbours is exposed daily to multiple eventualities and requires the availability of urgent and necessary services to address them. We have insurance that covers the maximum of incidents and accidents that could occur in a Community. Advantages: All your insurance advantages: 24-hour care service and permanent repair service with qualified professionals and emergency department. We insure the building, its annexes and other facilities, in addition to the corresponding furniture of the common areas.

Coverage and Services:

Material Damage Coverage:

  • Fire and other damage.
  • Water damage to insured assets.
  • Location of faults and repair of pipelines.
  • Broken glass, windows, mirrors and stained glass windows, sinks and fixed sanitary appliances.

Theft Coverage:

  • Theft and damages caused by this.
  • Larceny.
  • Replacement of keys and locks.
  • Theft of cash or checks during a transfer to the bank.
  • Theft within the insured premises, of goods carried by the co-owners, tenants, family members or persons living with them.

Third Party Liability Coverage:

  • Indemnities and bonds.
  • Legal costs and Legal department.

Special Coverage Services:

  • Inhabitability of building:
    • Provisional accommodation in a hotel.
    • Temporary house rental or provisional premises.
  • Salvage and debris removal.
  • Healthcare in case of robbery with violence.

Coverage of Aesthetic damages:

  • Aesthetic damages to home or premises.

Special Coverage:

  • Third party liability among co-owners.

Services Provided:

  • Legal Defence:
    • Legal costs, legal department.
    • Legal advice telephone service.
  • Assistance in property administration:
    • Telephone service for administrative building orientation.
    • Advice on safety and prevention.
    • Permanent repair service with qualified professionals.

We contact the best professionals to meet your repair needs at home: locksmith, cleaning service, glassware, carpets, electricity, wallpaper, plaster, parquet floor, plumbing, blinds, travel agency, paint, energy saving, intercoms, masonry, surveillance, TV antennas, awnings, carpentry (wood and metal) alarm and security systems. We work with the best, but you don´t pay more: Catalana Occidente, Plus Ultra, Zurich, Mapfre.

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