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Third Party Liability Insurance 
We cover all the risks and commitments of your company.

We can offer you Third Party Liability Insurance for Businesses that will guarantee the payment of compensations for damages that your business may be liable for in accordance with the law, due to bodily or property damage and consequential damage caused to third parties, which have their cause in occurrences arising from the operating company subject of insurance.


Insuring Third Party Liability protects your equity and your company against contingencies in the normal course of business.

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Multi-risk Insurance for Offices and Businesses
Are you leasing office? Is it your property? Do you run a Business? Do you want peace of mind with any contingency? DISCOVER OUR MULTI-RISK INSURANCE FOR OFFICES AND BUSINESSES.

  • Insurance specifically thought out for these groups.
  • Coverage of the most common risks that these businesses are exposed to.
  • Broad and flexible coverage on the building and its structure.
  • Total transparency and insurance at a very affordable price

Insurance Brokers Segurgent 2000 S.L. presents you the Multi-risk Insurance for Offices and Businesses, designed specifically for those professionals who need broad coverage against the risks their businesses are exposed to: Offices, Private or Consultation Offices of independent professionals, Technical and Administrative Offices, Service Companies, Teaching Centres, Shops, Institutions, etc.

Structure: In a broad sense, is the building or part of the property where your business is located. If you are the owner, we recommend that you insure it.

Incorporated structure: It is all the renovations, building additions and improved facilities, made on the premises leased for your business and that you own.

Contents: This concept includes all furniture and stocks belonging to your business.

Replacement Value: When contracting this type of insurance, you get this coverage included that guarantees compensation for which, in case of loss, allows you to buy back "as new" the property that has been damaged, not those that are already very depreciated (above 75%).

Rule of Proportional Insurance: When contracting the insurance it is very important that a correct valuation of the insured assets is carried out. The declared capital in the policy constitutes the maximum indemnity. Therefore, if the sum insurance is below the value of your assets, they would be considered as "under insured" and the Insurer is allowed to reduce their pay out in proportion to the amount under insured. We at Segurgent make sure that your risk is properly insured according to its value at all times.


Protection for your company. Risk analysis and insurance proposal. With all the advantages. SMES. MULTI-RISK INSURANCE FOR SMALL AND MEDIUM-SIZED ENTERPRISES.

Multi-Risk Insurance for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises provides broad coverage to deal with the risks of industrial or commercial activities.

The development of these activities involves different risks that can be reduced by applying modern prevention techniques that each company incorporates on its own merits. But there is a range of difficult to prevent risks to which the only, or the most affordable way to protect oneself, is with the Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Multi-Risk Insurance Policy, which includes the following coverage:

  • Fire and complements.
  • Electrical damage.
  • Extensive risks.
  • Water damage.
  • Consequential losses.
  • Theft and spoliation.
  • Third party liability.
  • Legal representation and defence.
  • Office equipment.
  • Breakage of mirrors and glass.
  • Breakage of signage and luminous advertising.
  • Refrigerated goods.

Risk analysis and insurance proposal For our clients´ security, we carry out a risk analysis to which your companies are exposed to. In this sense, we send specialists to conduct an inspection of your company, assessing those circumstances that may affect you. With the result of this information, through computer processing, we develop a personalised Insurance Proposal, in which the characteristics of your company are analysed and the exact conditions of your insurance are specified, developing the following aspects:

  • Risk characteristics.
  • Prevention systems against theft and fire.
  • Assets and guarantees to insure.
  • Capital de be insured and insurance cost.

The coverage possibility that we offer will help you choose what is best for your company´s security. Likewise and at all times, you have the counselling and support of our Professional Brokers at Segurgent 2000 S.L.

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